Professional Learning Module
Allow approx. 60 Minutes

Learning Intention
For participants to understand the features and function of the teacher eXpress Space within Ultranet.
For participants to write a professional profile.
For participants to design their eXpress landing page and to investigate the features of a teacher portfolio.


eXpress_for_Teachers.pngThe eXpress Space is one of a teacher's two personal spaces within Ultranet. It is the place where you can express yourself and your ideas about education and teaching. For teacher's, the eXpress Space has three pages,
  1. the eXpress page [includes the Wall as a child page]
  2. the Portfolio page
  3. the Profile page

The content on these pages is entirely created by you.
Each of these pages is visible to different Ultranet users, so it is important to understand each of the pages functions.
  • The Profile page can be seen by all DEECD staff and the students in your school. It displays your name, your photo and the profile statement you write about yourself. It is a representation of you as an education professional.
  • The eXpress page can be seen by your chosen Learning Contacts. It has three default applications installed; a blog, an image gallery and a learning contacts list. It is your opportunity to design a page that talks about your teaching life.
  • The Portfolio page can only be seen by users you approve as your Portfolio Viewers. It has three pre-installed applications; a wiki, a reference library and a portfolio viewers list. This page is your opportunity to create a portfolio that demonstrates your professional learning, your leadership roles, your teaching beliefs and successes and your achievement of personal and school-based goals.

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View the screencast above and then read through the eXpress Space document. It is provided here as a downloadable PDF document you can read on the computer. It is a digital version of the Ultranet Teacher Booklet.

Activity - Portfolio
Begin to investigate the features of a professional portfolio for teachers. Look at the web links provided. Discuss with colleagues. How might your school approach teacher portfolios?
  • What are the common features of a teacher portfolio?
  • What do you want to include in your portfolio?
  • How might you set up your portfolio?
  • What do you need to collect for inclusion in your portfolio?

NB: Remember the files you upload to your eXpress page contribute to your personal content quota. Consider file sizes.

Click the Diigo logo above to access a list of web links that outline the features of a professional portfolio.
Activity - Profile
Read through the example teacher profiles provided. Look for more examples of teacher profiles online. Log into Ultranet and navigate to your eXpress profile page. Consider the tips on the handout and write your own profile. Remember you can edit and change this at any time.

Activity - eXpress
Read through the example teacher blogs provided. They highlight four different approaches to keeping a blog or web diary. Look at other examples of teacher blogs online. Log into Ultranet and navigate to your eXpress landing page. Write a blog entry. Remember you can edit and change this at any time.

Decide what other applications you might like to add to your eXpress landing page and design the page to suit your needs.
  • Find and request Learning Contacts
  • Add images to your Image Gallery [remember file sizes!]
  • Add a slideshow??

Click the Diigo logo above to access a list of web links for teacher blogs.


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