Professional Learning Module
Allow 45-60 minutes
Learning Intention
For teachers and education support staff to complete the ePotential survey and compare their results with those of previous years. To analyse the areas where further professional development is required and to develop appropriate learning goals for the year ahead.
For teachers to be aware of the resources available within the ePotential continuum, that could be used to support classroom programs.

ePotential is the Victorian government's online ICT capabilities resource designed to assist teachers and school support staff develop their ICT capabilities. The resource identifies areas for further development and enables teachers to see and use the potential of ICT for powerful learning.

epotential components.pngThe ePotential Survey consists of 70 questions which places respondents on a continuum, showing their current ICT skills level. The continuum moves from foundation ICT capabilities, through emergent and innovative to the transformative teacher with eLearning.

Once a teacher has established their ePotential level they can use the ePotential Continuum resource to access classroom resources that correspond with their level of ICT capability.

Teachers and education support staff will need to use their EduMail login and password to access the ePotential survey.

The ePotential Survey

The objectives of the ICT Capabilities Survey are to:
  • Enable you to ascertain your position in the key areas of the ePotential Continuum.
  • Establish your current ePotential profile to make links to the resources relevant to support your professional learning.
  • Provide you with a benchmark to assist in setting professional learning goals.
  • Provide ideas for strategies to enable powerful learning through ICT.

The following eLearning key areas are covered in the ePotential Survey:
Teacher ICT Capabilities Survey
  • Learning & Teaching
  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Classroom Organisation
  • Safe & Responsible Use
  • Resources
  • ICT Professional Learning
  • ICT Leadership
Non-Teaching ICT Capabilities Survey

  • Using ICT in the Workplace
  • ISafe & Responsible Use
  • Resources Professional Learning
  • ICT Leadership in the Workplace
  • ICT Leadership in Learning and Teaching [not mandatory]


Log into the ePotential Survey here with your Edumail number and password. The survey will take approximately 30 minutes.
Planning for Personal Change:
  • Think about your teaching program and practices. What would you like to change? use your survey results and your place on the ePotential continuum to identify area/s for further professional learning. Look for ways you can develop eLearning in the focus areas you have identified in your PDP
  • Use the "ePotential Personal Planner" proforma to plan the teaching practice/s you want to change over the next six to twelve months

The ePotential Continuum

The ePotential Continuum is a rich resource of lesson plans and sequences, web links, downloads and examples that will help teachers to embed appropriate and effective eLearning into their curriculum.

epotential graphic.png


Log into the ePotential continuum here.
Browse through the available resources by VELS level, domain, topic and locate resources that support your classroom programs.


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