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From the eLearning Planning Guide, 2009...
eLearning includes the exploration and use of diverse ICT strategies and tools to expand teaching and learning possibilities in ways that lead to improved student learning outcomes. Successful eLearning implementation occurs only when eLearning is an integral part of a school's vision for learning.

21st century learning demands new pedagogical and technological approaches to using ICT for learning. It is the responsibility of teachers and school leaders to prepare students for the demands of an ever-changing world, through facilitating learning in a technology-rich environment, where students and teachers don't just learn about technology, they use it to achieve powerful learning and teaching and improve student learning outcomes.

eLearning Planning is central to the School Strategic Plan and will support all schools to continue to improve their use of ICT for learning and teaching.


Resources to get you thinking...

It is always beneficial to see how other schools have approached planning for change for their communities. The eLearning Planning Showcase at ePotential has many videos and examples to help you get started.

The ePlan checklist asks questions that provide focus to your goals. Use it to help guide your goals for each element of the ePlan, look over it again when you have completed the ePlan to see if your plan addresses all the key areas.
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This web site shows the many ways you can use eLearning to engage learners, provide flexibility and improve quality in vocational education and training (VET). It can be used as an individual guide for your ePlan, or as a resource for professional development and training sessions.

All the templates you need...

Two plans need to be completed this year; an Action Plan and an ePlan.
Use the templates below to complete these plans. Many versions of the ePlan are available below, choose the template you prefer.

The above Action Plan looks at the six elements of Ultranet Readiness. We have used this template to plan our goals for 2009. Goals in the Action Plan have formed the first year of the ePlan.
The above eLearning Matrix is a detailed framework to help you identify your school's current practice in relation to the five elements of eLearning practice. It is available as an A4 and an A3 document.
The above template breaks down the 'Target Practice' column of the ePlan into the three years of the Plan. Use this template if you want to very clearly identify when each goal will be addressed. This is only one component of the ePlan and is incorporated in the Excel versions below.

Above is the DEECD MS Word template for you to develop your school's ePlan. It is available as an A4 and an A3 document.
Above is the ePlan template as an Excel document. Each element of the ePlan has it's own sheet. The template includes the three year breakdown of your ePlan. You may prefer to use this template rather than the Word document. One benefit is the ability to add comments to cells that allow for further explanation of the goal. It is available as a file for Excel 2003 [2004 for Macintosh] and for Excel 2007 [2008 for Macintosh].

Suggested goals for your ePlan..

Click the buttons below for resources and suggested goals for each element of the ePlan.


Some worthwhile web links...

DEECD eLearning Planning for Leaders web page
Click the images below to view my eLearning Planning web links on Delicious or Diigo. [same links on both sites!]
or diigo_eplannning_link.png

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