eLearning Leadership

eLearning Leadership refers to the ways in which school leadership establishes the ICT vision for the school and supports all aspects of implementation and change management. A leader’s critical and discriminating role is to appreciate how the effective and appropriate use of eLearning can transform when, where and how learning takes place.

This can be done by;

  • establishing and fostering a shared eLearning vision
  • developing an eLearning Plan linked to a shared eLearning vision and school priorities
  • distributing and sharing responsibility for leading eLearning
  • securing the school community’s commitment to the eLearning Vision
  • facilitating all aspects of ICT implementation so that it supports individual, team and whole school improvement across the school
  • encompassing data such as the ePotential ICT Capabilities Survey results and other performance data, including student learning outcomes, to inform the eLearning Plan.

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Some suggested goals for eLearning Leadership

  • To identify staff members who will become the school's Ultranet Super Users, attend Ultranet training and work with staff around Ultranet implementation throughout 2010 and 2011
  • For the eLearning Team/Super Users to meet regularly with the Ultranet Coach for Ultranet training, support and planning.
  • To form an eLearning Team to distribute eLearning leadership across the school.
  • To develop an eLearning vision by reviewing the school's vision to include eLearning.
  • To develop a shared staff vision for eLearning, through professional conversation and teacher reflection on their practice.
  • To encourage enthusiastic individuals to drive eLearning change in the school.
  • To include eLearning outcomes in the school Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan
  • To link ePlan goals to the Annual Implementation Plan.
  • To raise the profile of eLearning through inclusion of eLearning goals into all teacher PLP’s.
  • To ensure that leaders have high expectations and model good practice.
  • To develop a private leadership wiki for team members to access and discuss projects and issues in an online forum.
  • To regularly promote a consistent message about the use of eLearning across the curriculum.
  • To regularly provide information and professional learning for staff about eLearning at staff meetings.
  • To develop a critical mass of teachers embedding eLearning in student programs to create the expected culture that all teachers will embed ICT in their teaching practice.
  • To employ a school-based technician in addition to your TSSP technician.
  • To seek and apply for ICT grants to support the targets in the school eLearning plan.
  • To allocate time in meeting agendas for the sharing of best practice eLearning.
  • For the Leadership team to promote the eLearning vision.
  • To ensure the eLearning vision and culture of eLearning involves the whole school community.
  • To provide time for the eLearning Coach to support teachers in all year levels.
  • To meet with the Ultranet Coach twice a term to discuss leadership strategies, progress, resources and professional learning needs.
  • To establish an ePlan annual review process.
  • To offer professional learning opportunities twice per term for staff on identified areas of need.
  • For the eLearning Coordinator and the Teaching and Learning Program Leader to work together, ensuring that eLearning is linked with Inquiry learning.
  • For Teaching & Learning Coordinator to work as a Peer Coach and work alongside teachers in classrooms/lab to build teacher capacity in eLearning.
  • To investigate the flexible use of technology matched to inquiry pedagogy, for example 1-1 laptop program, and visit other best practice schools.
  • For experienced eLearning committee members to lead the development of initiatives and motivate staff, responding to emerging needs, as identified from relevant data sets.


NB: I have either created these goals with eLearning Leaders or gathered them from a variety of unnamed sources. If you see your work here, please email me, I would like to credit you for it.


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