Blended Learning
We began our meeting with this Common Craft video that explains the concepts behind Blended Learning.


Nick Hubert
WMR Service Delivery Manager
PH: 9317 4508
Technical Support to Schools Program:


Leanne Compton & Sandy Phillips
DEECD Ultranet and Digital Learning Team

Learning Quests have four activity types available and can be used individually or collectively to construct online learning activities within the Ultranet.
          • Hotlists
          • Knowledge Hunts
          • Subject Samplers
          • WebQuests

They each provide a scaffold for students to assist them as they engage with a topic or issue, build new knowledge or connect and collaborate online through project based learning
Learning Quests:

  • Join the Ultranet design space for teachers - ID = 115039452

Twitter as an Educational and Professional Resource
          • to connect and develop your PLN [Professional/Personal Learning Network]
          • to provide students with "real time" information about historical and current events