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Is it the answer to all our needs?

Challenge Based Learning

Phil Cristofaro

The above powerpoint is the document used to track and monitor progress in CBL.
It came from Adam Brice at Ringwood North PS.

CBL Links:
Passion Projects

Passion Projects brief given to students at the start of the program for their Term 1 Passion Project.

PP Links:
eLearning @ Jackson School

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Mathieu Marunczyn


Matt Gravatt
Show & Tell from our local schools...

  • Overview of tech at Jackson School
  • Implementation of iPads as a 1:many model and progressing to 1:1
  • Macgyver's iPad cart
  • Volume licensing
  • Tech 'playtime' - Checking out the yet to be released, LEAP Motion
  • Kinect and its use in special education
  • Apple TV and its deployment across different displays

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File Browser App

FileBrowser is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad/iPhone to access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux, and NAS drives and now Box, Dropbox and SkyDrive are also supported
File Browser app.pngTake a look here
Leap Motion

Leapmotion is an example of the natural user interfaces that are beginning to move into the market. These are technologies to watch!

"With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, you’re about to change the way you use your computer. The Leap Motion Controller senses how you move your hands, the way you move them naturally. So you can point, wave, reach, and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life. It’s an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do"