Ultranet is here!
Ultranet is the new online learning system for Victorian government schools.
It is a statewide, secure site that students, parents and teachers can access via the internet, that provides a new learning space and more opportunities for information sharing across the Victorian government school system.
All teachers in Victorian government schools now have access to the Ultranet.
It will connect 50,000 teachers, 500,000 students and one million parents.

For more information visit the DEECD public web site here,
DEECD Public Ultranet Portal

Why Ultranet?

In order to prepare students for the innovation and knowledge economy of the 21st century, schools must provide students with easy access to ICT environments that increase their participation, engagement and achievement in education.[DEECD, Jan 2009]

Ultranet Delivers...Ultranet_will_deliver_graphic.jpg

Quick Links

Ultranet and the Effective Schools Model

Ultranet Professional Learning Modules

Ultranet Screencasts

For DEECD teachers,the latest Ultranet information can be found on the EduGate Sharepoint here,
Green_arrow_head.pngUltranet Implementation Portal
Ultranet FAQ
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