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I use two social bookmarking sites to store my favourite web sites online, Delicious and Diigo. As I discover useful web links I add them to both my accounts.....in fact, when I bookmark web sites using Diigo, it automatically updates my Delicious account.....fantastic! My web links are available publicly, so that you too can find great web sites for use in your work. I often add links to these accounts on this wiki, to take you to the relevant web sites quickly. As I update my accounts, the links here are automatically updated, so you always have access to my most recent finds!

Why do I keep two accounts of the same thing?? Great question! Unfortunately both of these web 2.0 sites are blocked by different ISPs [Internet Service Providers] in our schools and I have found that if one site is blocked then the other one is most often available. By having two sites, I know that everyone will be able to access the web sites. If one site is blocked at your school, try the other one!

Here's my quick tip...
When browsing through Delicious or Diigo bookmarks you will notice that the sites have keywords or tags written under the web site entry. These words [or tags] have been added by the bookmarker to help describe the website. Keywords and tags also help with searching and retrieval of saved sites. As you browse through the sites, use the tags to help you decide whether the site is useful to you. For example, if you search for all the sites that have been tagged 'numeracy', look to the other tags to find out more about the site........an 'early_years' tag will tell you the site is suitable for prep to grade 2 students.

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