Let's get Inspired!
Posted by Scott McLeod on April 26, 2007. Click graphic to visit his blog.

As Michel de Montaigne said in the 1500s, I quote others to better express myself.

On these pages, I aim to quote others, often through video, to help motivate, inspire and offer food for thought to all who are hoping to change education for the better.....starting with themselves. As Plato said, Reality is created by the mind. We can change our reality by changing our mind.


Grab a cup of coffee and take five minutes to wander through these thoughts..............perhaps even change your mind! ;)


Why I Flipped My Classroom
A video explanation form a secondary school maths teacher about why she "flipped" her classroom. The video explains the concept very well.

The Flipped Classroom
A secondary science teacher talks about his Flipped Classroom.

An Open Letter to Educators
A video vox pop by Dan Brown, YouTube's 37th most subscribed director. He challenges our view of schooling, telling us, "I dropped out of school because my schooling was interfering with my education" Take a look at his YouTube Channel here

I Need My Teachers To Learn [Song]
The song says it all. By Kevin Honeycutt, the man who says, "I'm out to change the world.....one classroom at a time!" Take a look at his blog here.

Did You Know 4.0
Designed by XPLANE in September 2009 , includes facts and statistics focusing on the changing media landscape, including convergence and technology and continues the discussion started with Shift Happens [created by Karl Fisch].

Kids of TodayA short video introduction to the world today, how our children readily adapt to the latest technologies and the role of teachers in this world.

Learning to Change, Changing to LearnToday's educationalists talk about the need for change. Advancing K-12 Technology Leadership, Consortium for School Networking (COSN) Video.

John Wooden on True SuccessA TED Talk with Coach John Wooden as he redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. Featured here in two parts.

School of the Future
Stephen Heppell talks about the schools, learning and education of the future......the near future!

21st Century Schools
A short glimpse into how we can change our thinking to cater for students living in a technology rich world.

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