Professional Learning Module

Allow 60-90 Minutes

Learning Intention
For participants to become aware of the curriculum resources available in FUSE and the Ultranet content portal.
For participants to be able to use FUSE to develop learning sequences for their students.

FUSE is DEECD's new online resource for students, teachers and parents, providing information, links, tutorials, learning objects and supporting content for all curriculum areas. FUSE is an acronym for Find, Use and Share Educational resources. When teachers log into FUSE with their username and password, they are able to develop and bundle specific learning sequences utilising the many learning objects and resources available, that target the particular needs of their students. Each bundle or learning sequence created is given it's own identifying ID or code that can be given to students for easy access to the teacher's planned lessons. FUSE forms the content repository of the Ultranet.

This professional learning module, takes you through all aspects of FUSE.
The nine video tutorials / screencasts explain each FUSE feature.
Use the videos to move through, step by step, the processes involved in searching for appropriate resources
and setting up a learning sequence or bundle. Create a learning sequence for your students.
FUSE web site

Tabbed Browsing

Let's start with tabbed browsing, a wonderful way to browse and use the web. Tabbed browsing is the ability to easily switch between several open web pages within one browser window, just by clicking on the tabs at the top. It allows you to have more than one web site open at the one time, without having multiple windows open, and quickly toggle between them. Most web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox, include tabbed browsing functionality. Each open web page has its own tab. Clicking on the + symbol to the right of the active tab opens a new tab. By clicking on a tab of the web page you want to view, the browser brings that page to the front for quick viewing. You may need to change your web browser preferences to activate tabbed browsing.

Open two tabs in your browser. One tab for this page, so you can watch the videos and another tab for the FUSE web site, to allow you to work along side the video screencasts. [see picture]
Click the logo of your web browser to learn how to set up tabbed browsing. In Firefox, tabbed browsing is a default setting.


Let's Get Started

Screencast 1 - Teacher Sign In & Screencast 2 - Basic Search

Screencast 3 -
Advanced Search & Screencast 4 - Sharing a FUSE Resource

Screencast 5 - Uploading to My Desk & Screencast 6 - Sharing to FUSE Overview

Screencast 7 - Sharing a Resource File & Screencast 8 - Creating a Resource Package

Screencast 9 - Accessing TLF Resources in FUSE


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