DEECD Online Resources


Digilearn gives all Victorian Government teachers free access to over seven thousand exciting digital learning resources for use across VELS domains. Log in to this secure site with your Edumail log-in and password.

This is a great resource, particularly for use on IWBs or for small groups and individual work.

To get the best from the search facility, use the 'Advanced Search' button and use a variety of keywords, for example global warming, climate change, greenhouse effect, environment, etc.

After completing the ePotential survey, teachers results are displayed on the ePotential continuum.

Teachers can access the continuum to find resources, examples, lesson ideas, links and suggestions for embedding eLearning across the curriculum.

ePotential resources have been gathered from teacher practice across the state and is always being updated. As with the Digilearn search, it is best to use a variety of search terms or keywords to find what you are looking for.



Formally the Victorian Education Channel, Connect is the departments new portal for teachers to connect to resources that suit their needs.

The Connect web site has unique environments or web spaces for teachers, primary and secondary students and early childhood education centres. Users can search for websites, images, video and audio with all resources tagged according to audience.

Topic lists of websites are clustered under VELS and direct links from each home page makes locating resources quicker and easier. It's a great idea to use the appropriate connect site as the home page for your students as it is a great site to 'bounce off' from.

Feel free to use this presentation as a starting point when sharing the department's online resources with teachers. It is useful if you are not able to have access to computers or the internet for your session.

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