Comic Life across the Curriculum

Comic Life is a fabulous software program from the people at Plasq. Essentially a comic creator and photo presentation tool, it breathes life into desktop, and now iPhone/iPad, publishing! It is a perfect program for the classroom being...

A Quick Tip!

Comic Life will import any image file, so you are not limited to photos! Many software programs will allow you to export a document as an image file [JPG, TIFF, PNG, etc]. Your students can save drawings, graphs, text from programs such as Kids PIx, 2Simple, Paint, ArtRage, etc and then import them to Comic Life to add reflections, commentary, headings. The options have just become truly endless!

Use Comic Life to create a poster... hairy_maclary.png
  • a promotional poster
  • an advertising poster
  • an informational poster
  • a persuasive poster

NB: If all you see is a blank space.........
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The program includes many templates that students can use 'as is' or easily modify to suit their needs. The 'drag a panel' button allows you to start with a blank page and design your own layout. Students have total control over the layout of their posters, promoting creativity and freedom of expression.

The posters in the above collection were made by primary school students from grade one through to grade six.

Use Comic Life to make a movie...

Comic Life has a number of export options. By exporting to QuickTime, students can make a quick slideshow/movie of their pages. In the example below, a group of grade five and six students chose to export their pages as images and then import into video editing software to add titles, transitions and a soundtrack. "Bong Su, The Elephants' Tale" was produced at the Melbourne Zoo as a part of the students' study into the ways Zoos have changed over time.

Use Comic Life to make a comic...quick_comic.png

Not necessarily a comic in the traditional sense of the word....... the people at Comic Life
have added a nice little feature to make life easier.

It's the Quick Comic option. Found in the File menu, the quick comic asks you a few questions about layout and template preference, what photo collection you would like to access and then arranges the photos for you on a series of pages. You are able to edit the quick comic and make changes to the layout, if you are not happy with the results.

Although I have not used this option with students, as I prefer they plan and give thought to the best layout for their purpose, I have enjoyed this feature when I have wanted to quickly make classroom and school's a great time saver!

Use Comic Life to make a web page...

export_to_web.pngComic Life allows you to take a set of pages and turn them into a stand alone web page or a file ready to be added to your web site. You can export to html or if you are using a Macintosh computer, you can export straight to iWeb as a part of a bigger web site.

This feature works well with the quick comic option!

Imagine you have just returned from an excursion and would like to add some photos with student comments to the school's web site or your classroom wiki. After students have imported the photos to the computer and perhaps made some edits, use Comic Life to create a quick comic, add the appropriate comments and then through the file menu choose Export --> Export to HTML [or iWeb]. Your pages are ready to go!

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