Use Comic Life to liven up your administration...

Comic Life is a great tools for many of your administrative tasks. Use it to create student awards and certificates, to create classroom and school displays and informational posters for parents, use it for items in the school newsletter........better still, ask the students to design and create these!



Use Comic Life to make graphic organisers...

double_bubble.pngStudents can create and complete a graphic organiser to demonstrate their understanding of a
topic under investigation. In these two examples, students in grade one and two used the Concept Frame and Double Bubble organisers to show what they had learnt about Australian Zoo animals.

This brainstorming web is a great template, made in comic life, for use with students in the initial stages of an investigation. It may be completed on the computer or on paper.
SWOT Analysis Tool


Comic Life in Literacy and Numeracy

Using Comic Life in your literacy and numeracy program is a great way to see students demonstrate their learning. It generally prov ides you with a snapshot of students understandings making it a great assessment tool.......and the students love it! Take a look at these great ways to use comic life, I'm sure they will give you lots of ideas.

Click the buttons to see examples from around the web of Comic life and...



More resources and web links...

These are my collected web sites that showcase and resource the use of Comic Life across the curriculum.
[Both links house the same bookmarks, use the site that works at your school]

Comic Life web links on Delicious
Comic Life web links on Diigo


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