Becoming Literate with Comic Life

As open-ended, productivity software, Comic Life is the perfect software to support your classroom literacy program............and kids just love it!
Take a look through these examples and great ideas to develop your literacy program through the imaginative use of technology. I hope they will inspire you and provide you with exciting lessons to take into your classroom. [Don't forget to have a look at the range of products you can produce with Comic Life here]

Use Comic Life to teach, reinforce and develop literacy skills...

  • Reading, Writing, Spelling
  • Questioning skills & critical thinking & making inferences
  • Planning a storyline / plotline
  • Sequencing Ideas
  • Identifying key concepts and themes
  • Writing for a particular audience
  • Writing for a particular purpose
  • Writing in a specific genre

Take a peek at these examples...

Comic Life and Mobile Learning...


Don't forget about Comic Touch. It is the Comic Life app for your iPhone/iTouch. Now you can add speech bubbles and text to your photos in the palm of your hand. Click the icon to learn more.

....and for the iPad, Comic Life!!
Click the icon to learn more.

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