2Simple Software

I am a real fan of Productivity software. Programs that are open-ended, allowing students to follow their imagination and express their creativity when producing information products. To my mind, 2Simple have produced some of the best productivity software for young children and I have used it for many years with my students.

The 2Simple range of software covers many programs. If you have purchased any of the programs then the web site is the best place to find support and resources for all in the range. All of their programs have been created for the Windows operating system, sadly not all of them are written for the Macintosh.

I have gathered here some of the resources I created when using the programs with my P-2s. Feel free to download and use if they suit your purposes.

The Infant Video Toolkit contains six programs;
2Paint - Draw pictures with a very simple painting program
2Publish - Combine words & pictures & create letters, borders, envelopes & much more
2Count - Explore counting with pictograms
2Go - Teach & explore directions
2Graph - Make graphs, bar charts & pie charts in seconds!
2Question - Create branching databases with words & picture


A page in progress!......if you have some suggestions, please email me. I would love to include your ideas here!

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