21st Century Skills

Every student in the 21st century needs to be able to critically think, problem solve, collaborate, communicate, innovate, be globally aware, be self-directed and be technology literate. Those are the new outcomes of the 21st century.
Ken Kay
President - Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Teachers who have brought technology into their classrooms are aware that it provides an opportunity to differentiate instruction and change their classrooms into dynamic learning environments. Often they also know that there are specific strategies that will help their students become life-long learners......If you are a teacher who hasn't yet begun to use technology in your classroom, don't wait any longer.

p2. Using Technology with Classroom Instruction that Works

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21st Century classrooms can be recognised by their "pedagogy of participation". In them, students actively engage in using technology as a thinking tool, collaborating with others and building understanding. They solve problems and use technology to set goals, monitor progress and evaluate their learning reflectively.
[21st C Teachers]

In our 21st century classrooms, students and teachers can harness the capabilities of the Ultranet and Web 2.0 to access the power of our statewide communities at any time, in any place for inspiration, ideas, inquiry, mentoring, sharing - drawing on the knowledge of peers, friends, colleagues and experts as needed.

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Architect Randall Fielding demonstrates the connection between where and how students learn in the 21st century
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