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21 Steps to 1:1 Computing
Bruce Dixon heads up the Anytime, Anywhere, Learning Foundation
"The goal of the Anytime Anywhere Learning Foundation (AALF) is to ensure that all children have access to unlimited opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere and that they have the tools that make this possible. To achieve this, AALF helps schools develop visionary leadership and knowledgeable, innovative educators."
Bruce's presentation on the 21 steps to 1:1 computing, is well worth a look,

More of his links and presentations can be found here
His other info & research can be found at his website

What's Happening in NSW?
new_south_wales.gifThe NSW Education Department is fast making 1-1 laptops a reality in its schools and this is presenting an opportunity for a change in pedagogy and classroom practice. Darcy Moore, a deputy principal at Dapto High School with a focus on teaching & learning using technology, is currently writing a series of blog posts designed to help schools gain the full benefit of the laptop rollout. You may find his thoughts and suggestions valuable.
Click here to access his blog

Closer to home!
Simon Shaw, eLearning Leader at St Albans Meadows Primary School, has set up a Ning where teachers can collaborate around mobile learning in their schools. What's Next? is a community for educators interested in an innovative and personalised approach to learning through 1 to 1 technologies.

Take a look at the What's Next? Ning

Mobile Phones
We are just starting to recognise the real value in utilising the technology our students carry around in their pockets. At our NOW Online Conference in 2008, Stephen Palmer, gave an online presentation in Elluminate that focussed on the future of mobile learning in education. You can watch his presentation here.
Becta has a report on their web site, Emerging Technologies for Learning, that looks at how mobile phones help learning in secondary schools. It is the work of Dr. Elizabeth Hartnell-Young [DEECD Victoria], while she was a Research Fellow at the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the University of Nottingham.

"Teachers in three schools participated in a trial where students used their own mobile phones and borrowed Smart phones for "timing experiments with the stopwatch; photographing apparatus, models, and experiments for reports; bluetoothing project material between group members; receiving SMS & email reminders from teachers; synchronising timetables and setting reminders; connecting remotely to the school learning platform; accessing revision sites on the Internet; creating short narrative movies; downloading foreign language podcasts; using GPS to identify locations, and transferring files between school and home." Teachers and students were positive about the trial and considered it to be very successful. You can learn more and access the report here

The Million Campaign.....
The Million Campaign began with a pilot program of 2800 students in seven schools. Students were each given a mobile phone, which switched between School's In and School's Out mode. When the kids were in school, the calling and text functions were deactivated. But that didn't mean the phone was out of action. Educational software loaded onto the phone meant students could use it for research. It was also a platform for tests.

You can watch a short video about Million here

DEECD has just updated some of their example policies for acceptable use around mobile technologies, they offer a starting point for schools looking into mobile phones at schools. Example policies are here

What's Happening in Victoria?............ The Netbook Trial
Ten thousand Victorian Government students who started the 2009 school year today will open the window to a portable virtual classroom under a new three-year trial of mobile, mini netbook computers launched by Premier John Brumby. " We’re helping Victorian students take their learning beyond the classroom walls and out into the world as these powerful and compact netbooks will allow students to learn anywhere and anytime,” Mr Brumby said. [Full article here]

I have gathered together the web links and resources supporting the Victorian Governments' Netbook Trial on my Delicious accountand my Diigo account. Both social bookmarking sites house the same web links. Use the site that works within your school's filtering system.

Web Links and Resources

These are my collected web sites that discuss and resource the 1-1 mobile learning.
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My Delicious 1-1 web links
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